Native CDFIs are grounded in Native history and culture; they are steeped in authentic relationships to community needs.

Across the U.S., more than 70 Native CDFIs provide access to fair, affordable funding in Indian Country, where mainstream finance doesn’t traditionally reach — it’s common for people living in Native communities to drive hours for the nearest bank or ATM.

Led by people with deep knowledge of their communities, the majority of Native CDFIs operate on tribal lands and many are managed and staffed by tribal citizens. Most function as independent nonprofits — separate from tribal governments — and provide hard-to-gain access to credit, equity, and financial assistance, especially in rural communities.

Native CDFIs spark a powerful multiplier effect, creating jobs and self-sufficiency for individuals and families, which leads to more stable and prosperous communities.

Content on this page is adapted from the Northwest Area Foundation About Native CDFIs. Visit the site for a more detailed overview of how and where Native CDFIs create impact, transform communities, and change lives.